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“Muhammad (SAW): 1001 Universal Appreciations and Interfaith Understanding and Peace” written by Dr Mohammed A. Lais

The book is divided into eight Chapters.  Chapter One is an introductory chapter.  Here, the author has narrated the rationale, aims and objectives of the book.  He briefly describes the origins of his works and who the book is intended for.  He also narrates, though shortly, the circumstances of pre-Islamic Arabia and how there was reaction among the Christians.  On pages 15 and 16 of this Chapter the author gives a summary of all Chapters.  Chapter Two deals with characteristics of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).  Here the author has tried to refute various charges wrongly and falsely made against Muhammad (SAW) and at the same time he has highlighted comments from diverse leading personalities of all faiths stating their tremendous admirations on Prophet Muhammad (SAW).  The themes of this Chapter have then been divided into three Parts.  Part One looks into appreciation of the ‘greatness’ of Muhammad (SAW), Part Two to the ‘simplicity’ of Muhammad (SAW) and Part Three to the ‘honesty’ of Muhammad (SAW).  Chapter Three deals with the issue of the emancipation of women and equality.  The author provides evidence in this chapter of how Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was a real protector of the needy, distressed and vulnerable sections of the society – orphans, poor, women, slave etc – and how he fought for equality, rights and non-discrimination.

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